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    LTC6930IMS8-4.19-PBF LTC6930HMS8-4.19-PBF LTC6930CDCB-4.19-TRMPBF LTC6930IDCB-4.19-TRMPBF LTC6930HDCB-4.19-TRMPBF LTC693

Linear Technology
Part No. LTC6930IMS8-4.19-PBF LTC6930HMS8-4.19-PBF LTC6930CDCB-4.19-TRMPBF LTC6930IDCB-4.19-TRMPBF LTC6930HDCB-4.19-TRMPBF LTC6930CDCB-4.19-TRPBF LTC6930IDCB-4.19-TRPBF LTC6930HDCB-4.19-TRPBF LTC6930IMS8-4.19-TRPBF LTC6930HMS8-4.19-TRPBF LTC6930CMS8-7.37-PBF LTC6930IMS8-7.37-PBF LTC6930HMS8-7.37-PBF LTC6930CDCB-7.37-TRMPBF LTC6930IDCB-7.37-TRMPBF LTC6930HDCB-7.37-TRMPBF LTC6930CDCB-7.37-TRPBF LTC6930IDCB-7.37-TRPBF LTC6930HDCB-7.37-TRPBF LTC6930CMS8-7.37-TRPBF LTC6930IMS8-7.37-TRPBF LTC6930HMS8-7.37-TRPBF LTC6930CMS8-8.00-PBF LTC6930IMS8-8.00-PBF LTC6930HMS8-8.00-PBF LTC6930CMS8-8.00-TRPBF LTC6930IMS8-8.00-TRPBF LTC6930HMS8-8.00-TRPBF LTC6930CMS8-8.19-PBF LTC6930IMS8-8.19-PBF LTC6930HMS8-8.19-PBF LTC6930CMS8-8.19-TRPBF LTC6930IMS8-8.19-TRPBF LTC6930HMS8-8.19-TRPBF LTC6930IDCB-8.00-TRPBF LTC6930HDCB-8.00-TRPBF LTC6930CDCB-8.00-TRPBF LTC6930CDCB-8.00-TRMPBF LTC6930HDCB-8.00-TRMPBF LTC6930IDCB-8.00-TRMPBF LTC6930IDCB-8.19-TRPBF LTC6930HDCB-8.19-TRPBF LTC6930CDCB-8.19-TRPBF LTC6930IDCB-8.19-TRMPBF LTC6930HDCB-8.19-TRMPBF LTC6930CDCB-8.19-TRMPBF LTC6930IMS8-5.00-TRPBF LTC6930CDCB-5.00-TRMPBF LTC6930HDCB-5.00-TRMPBF LTC6930IDCB-5.00-TRMPBF LTC6930IMS8-5.00-PBF LTC6930CDCB-5.00-TRPBF LTC6930HMS8-5
Description 32.768kHz to 8.192MHz Precision μPower Oscillators
32.768kHz to 8.192MHz Precision レPower Oscillators

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Analog Devices

Part No. LTC6930CDCB-7.37#TRMPBF
Description 32.768kHz to 8.192MHz Prec µPw
Tech specs    

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For TC6930CD Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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