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Part No. HZ5C2 HZ6C2 HZ12A3 HZ6A3 HZ2B1 HZ3B2 HZ5B2 HZ2C3 HZ3A1 HZ16B2 HZ18C2 HZ18C1 HZ18B2 HZ6B1 HZ4A3 HZ2A1 BGY785 HZ6A1 HZ5C1 HZ5A1 HZ36C3 HZ36C2 HZ36C1 HZ36B3 HZ36B2 HZ36B1 HZ36A3 HZ22B1 HZ9C1 HZ7A1 HZ7B1 HZ11A2 HZ3B1 HZ3C2 HZ12B1 HZ7C1 HZ7C2 HZ7A2 HZ5C3 HZ4B1 HZ4B2 HZ4B3 HZ2B2 HZ2B3 HZ11B1 HZ4C1 HZ4C2 HZ4C3 HZ4A1 HZ4A2 HZ5B1 HZ5B3 HZ7C3 HZ3A2 HZ3A3 HZ9C2 HZ9C3 HZ12A1 HZ12A2 HZ12C1 HZ12C2 HZ12C3 HZ2C1 HZ2C2 HZ9B3 HZ11A1 HZ11A3 HZ11B2 HZ11B3 HZ11C1 HZ11C2 HZ11C3 HZ12B2 HZ12B3 HZ15A1 HZ15A2 HZ15A3 HZ15B1 HZ15B2 HZ15B3 HZ15C1 HZ15C2 HZ16A1 HZ16A2 HZ16A3 HZ16B1 HZ16B3 HZ16C1 HZ16C2 HZ16C3 HZ18A1 HZ18A2 HZ18A3 HZ18B1 HZ18B3 HZ18C3 HZ20A1 HZ20A2 HZ20A3 HZ20B1 HZ20B2 HZ20B3 HZ20C1 HZ20C2 HZ20C3 HZ22A1 HZ22A2 HZ22A3 HZ22B2 HZ22B3 HZ22C1 HZ22C2 HZ22C3 HZ24A1 HZ24A2 HZ24A3 HZ24B1 HZ24B2 HZ24B3 HZ24C1 HZ24C2 HZ24C3 HZ27A1 HZ27A2 HZ27A3 HZ27B1 HZ27B2 HZ27B3 HZ27C1 HZ27C2 HZ27C3 HZ2A2 HZ2A3 HZ30A1 HZ30A2 HZ30A3 HZ30B1 HZ30B2 HZ30B3 HZ30C1 HZ30C2 HZ30C3 HZ33A1 HZ33A2 HZ33A3 HZ33B2 HZ33B3 HZ33C1 HZ33C2 HZ33C3 HZ36A1 HZ36A2 HZ3B3 HZ3C1 HZ3C3 HZ5A2 HZ5A3 HZ6A2 HZ6B2 HZ6B3 HZ6C1 HZ6C3 HZ7A3 HZ7B2 HZ7B3 HZ9A1 HZ9A2 HZ9A3 HZ9B1 HZ9B2 HZ3 HZ2 HZ22 HZ16 HZ20 HZ24 HZ27 HZ11 HZ30 HZ12 HZ18 HZ15 HZ6 HZ5 HZ33 HI
Description Low Current Operation at 250 ,Low Reverse Leakage,Low Noise Zener Diode 250 的低电流运算,低反向泄露,低噪声稳压二极
RES, 620, 1/4W, TKF, 5%, 1210
20 Characters x 2 Lines, 5x7 Dot Matrix Character and Cursor
Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diode for Stabilized Power Supply
Zener Diodes for Stabilized Power Supply

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For HZ36A3 Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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