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    Gamma Microelectronics ...
GAMMA[Gamma Microelectronics Inc.]
American Power Management Inc.
Part No. GM7885 GM7800 GM7805 GM7805-TA3R GM7805-TA3T GM7805-TB3R GM7805-TB3T GM7805-TC3R GM7805-TC3T GM7806 GM7806-TA3R GM7806-TA3T GM7806-TB3R GM7806-TB3T GM7806-TC3R GM7806-TC3T GM7808 GM7808-TA3R GM7808-TA3T GM7808-TB3R GM7808-TB3T GM7808-TC3R GM7808-TC3T GM7809 GM7809-TA3R GM7809-TA3T GM7809-TB3R GM7809-TB3T GM7809-TC3R GM7809-TC3T GM7810 GM7810-TA3R GM7810-TA3T GM7810-TB3R GM7810-TB3T GM7810-TC3R GM7810-TC3T GM7812 GM7812-TA3R GM7812-TA3T GM7812-TB3R GM7812-TB3T GM7812-TC3R GM7812-TC3T GM7815 GM7815-TA3R GM7815-TA3T GM7815-TB3R GM7815-TB3T GM7815-TC3R GM7815-TC3T GM7818 GM7818-TA3R GM7818-TB3R GM7818-TB3T GM7818-TC3R GM7818-TC3T GM7820 GM7820-TA3R GM7820-TA3T GM7820-TB3R GM7820-TB3T GM7820-TC3R GM7820-TC3T GM7824 GM7824-TA3R GM7824-TA3T GM7824-TB3R GM7824-TB3T GM7824-TC3R GM7824-TC3T GM7827 GM7827-TA3R GM7827-TA3T GM7827-TB3R GM7827-TB3T GM7827-TC3R GM7827-TC3T GM788.5-TA3R GM788.5-TA3T GM788.5-TB3R GM788.5-TB3T GM788.5-TC3R GM788.5-TC3T GM7818-TA3T

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For GM7885 Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: GM7110
Maker: N/A
Pack: TO220-..
Stock: 558
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    50: $1.48
  100: $1.40
1000: $1.33


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