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    MC56U512NMYC-0QC00 MC12U016HACA MC12U016HACA-0QC00 MC12U016HACB-0QC00 MC12U016HACC-0QC00 MC12U016HAFA-0QC00 MC12U016HAFB

SAMSUNG[Samsung semiconductor]
Part No. MC56U512NMYC-0QC00 MC12U016HACA MC12U016HACA-0QC00 MC12U016HACB-0QC00 MC12U016HACC-0QC00 MC12U016HAFA-0QC00 MC12U016HAFB-0QC00 MC12U016HAFC-0QC00 MC12U016HAVA-0QC00 MC12U016HAVB-0QC00 MC12U016HAVC-0QC00 MC12U016HAYA-0QC00 MC12U016HAYB-0QC00 MC12U016HAYC-0QC00 MC12U016HBCA-0QC00 MC12U016HBCB-0QC00 MC12U016HBCC-0QC00 MC12U016HBFA-0QC00 MC12U016HBFB-0QC00 MC12U016HBFC-0QC00 MC12U016HBVA-0QC00 MC12U016HBVB-0QC00 MC12U016HBVC-0QC00 MC12U016HBYA-0QC00 MC12U016HBYB-0QC00 MC12U016HBYC-0QC00 MC12U016HCCA-0QC00 MC12U016HCCB-0QC00 MC12U016HCCC-0QC00 MC12U016HCFA-0QC00 MC12U016HCFB-0QC00 MC12U016HCFC-0QC00 MC12U016HCVA-0QC00 MC12U016HCVB-0QC00 MC12U016HCVC-0QC00 MC12U016HCYA-0QC00 MC12U016HCYB-0QC00 MC12U016HCYC-0QC00 MC12U016HDCA-0QC00 MC12U016HDCB-0QC00 MC12U016HDCC-0QC00 MC12U016HDFA-0QC00 MC12U016HDFB-0QC00 MC12U016HDFC-0QC00 MC12U016HDVA-0QC00 MC12U016HDVB-0QC00 MC12U016HDVC-0QC00 MC12U016HDYA-0QC00 MC12U016HDYB-0QC00 MC12U016HDYC-0QC00 MC12U016HMCA-0QC00 MC12U016HMCB-0QC00 MC12U016HMCC-0QC00 MC12U016HMFA-0QC00 MC12U016HMFB-0QC00 MC12U016HMFC-0QC00 MC12U016HMVA-0QC00 MC12U016HMVB-0QC00 MC12U016HMVC-0QC00 MC12U016HMYA-0QC00 MC12U016HMYB-0QC00 MC12U016HMYC-0QC00 MC12U016NACA MC12U016NACA-0Q
Description MultiMediaCard Specification

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Part: 8N3Q001EG-101LCDI8
Maker: IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc
Pack: ETC
Stock: Reserved
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