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MOSFET 1N3340 MSJ300 10DC48 P20TR75 P2158A 01909 MAX4194
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    110E1A48F204PB 110E1A48F204PC 110E1A48F204PD 110E1A48F204PP 110E1A48F204PS 110E1A48F206PB 110E1A48F206PC 110E1A48F206PD

Vishay Siliconix
Part No. 110E1A48F204PB 110E1A48F204PC 110E1A48F204PD 110E1A48F204PP 110E1A48F204PS 110E1A48F206PB 110E1A48F206PC 110E1A48F206PD 110E1A48F206PP 110E1A48F206PS 110E1A48F209PB 110E1A48F209PC 110E1A48F209PD 110E1A48F209PP 110E1A48F209PS 110E1A48F416PB 110E0A48S204PB 110E0G48S204PB 110E1A48S204PB 110E1G48S204PB 110E0A48S204PC 110E0G48S204PC 110E1A48S204PC 110E1G48S204PC 110E0A48S204PD 110E0G48S204PD 110E1A48S204PD 110E1G48S204PD 110E0A48S204PP 110E0G48S204PP 110E1A48S204PP 110E1G48S204PP 110E0A48S204PS 110E0G48S204PS 110E1A48S204PS 110E1G48S204PS 110E0A48S206PB 110E0G48S206PB 110E1A48S206PB 110E1G48S206PB 110E0A48S206PC 110E0G48S206PC 110E1A48S206PC 110E1G48S206PC 110E0A48F209PC 110E0A48S209PC 110E0A56F209PC 110E0A56S209PC 110E0G48F209PC 110E0G48S209PC 110E0G56F209PC 110E0G56S209PC 110E1A48S209PC 110E1A56F209PC 110E1A56S209PC 110E1G48F209PC 110E1G48S209PC 110E1G56F209PC 110E1G56S209PC 110E0A48F204PB 110E0G48F204PB 110E1G48F204PB 110E0A48F204PC 110E0G48F204PC 110E1G48F204PC 110E0A48F204PD 110E0G48F204PD 110E1G48F204PD 110E0A48F204PP 110E0G48F204PP 110E1G48F204PP 110E0A48F204PS 110E0G48F204PS 110E1G48F204PS 110E0A48F206PB 110E0G48F206PB 110E0A48F209PB 110E0A56F209PB 110E1G56F204PS
Description Mechanical Encoder

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    VISAY[Vishay Siliconix]
Part No. 110E1G56S416PS 110E 110E0A48F204PB 110E0A48F204PC 110E0A48F204PD 110E0A48F204PP 110E0A48F204PS 110E0A48F206PB 110E0A48F206PC 110E0A48F206PD 110E0A48F206PP 110E0A48F206PS 110E0A48F209PB 110E0A48F209PC 110E0A48F209PD 110E0A48F209PP 110E0A48F209PS 110E0A48F416PB 110E0A48F416PC 110E0A48F416PD 110E0A48F416PP 110E0A48F416PS 110E0A48S204PB 110E0A48S204PC 110E0A48S204PD 110E0A48S204PP 110E0A48S204PS 110E0A48S206PB 110E0A48S206PC 110E0A48S206PD 110E0A48S206PP 110E0A48S206PS 110E0A48S209PB 110E0A48S209PC 110E0A48S209PD 110E0A48S209PP 110E0A48S209PS 110E0A48S416PB 110E0A48S416PC 110E0A48S416PD 110E0A48S416PP 110E0A48S416PS 110E0A56F204PB 110E0A56F204PC 110E0A56F204PD 110E0A56F204PP 110E0A56F204PS 110E0A56F206PB 110E0A56F206PC 110E0A56F206PD 110E0A56F206PP 110E0A56F206PS 110E0A56F209PB 110E0A56F209PC 110E0A56F209PD 110E0A56F209PS 110E0A56F416PB 110E0A56F416PC 110E0A56F416PD 110E0A56F416PP 110E0A56F416PS 110E0A56S204PB 110E0A56S204PC 110E0A56S204PD 110E0A56S204PP 110E0A56S204PS 110E0A56S206PB 110E0A56S206PC 110E0A56S206PD 110E0A56S206PP 110E0A56S206PS 110E0A56S209PB 110E0A56S209PC 110E0A56S209PD 110E0A56S209PP 110E0A56S209PS 110E0A56S416PB 110E0A56S416PC 110E0A56S416PD 110E0A56S416PP 110E0A56S4
Description Mechanical Encoder

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    39D607G006EJ6 39D138G003EL6 39D368G003FP6 39D578G003GP6 39D308G003JE6 39D198G006FL6 39D208G006GJ6 39D608G006HP6 39D438G0

Vishay Siliconix
Part No. 39D607G006EJ6 39D138G003EL6 39D368G003FP6 39D578G003GP6 39D308G003JE6 39D198G006FL6 39D208G006GJ6 39D608G006HP6 39D438G003GL6 39D858G003HP6 39D908G003JL6 39D408G006GP6 39D188G003FJ6 39D148G003GE6 39D298G003GJ6 39D428G003HJ6 39D128G006FJ6 39D608G003JJ6 39D258G006FP6 39D158G006HE6 39D308G006GL6 39D108G006GE6 39D278G003FL6 39D218G003HE6 39D408G025JS6 39D156F100EE6 39D156F400FL6 39D156F450FP6 39D317F150HS6 39D317F200JS6 39D227F200HS6 39D127F300HS6 39D407G003EE6 39D907G003EJ6 39D267F100JJ6 39D267F150JL6 39D268G040JS6 39D348G010GP6 39D428G006JJ6 39D257G050HE6 39D257G075JE6 39D257G040GE6 39D257G010EE6 39D106F150EE6 39D106F450FL6 39D107F250HL6 39D107G075EL6 39D108G075JP6 39D109G003HS6 39D109G010JT6 39D117F350JP6 39D118G040HL6 39D118G050HP6 39D127F100GJ6 39D128G010HE6 39D106F300EJ6 39D107F150FP6 39D107F350HS6 39D107G050EJ6 39D107F300HP6 39D108G010FJ6 39D109G006JS6 39D126F350EL6 39D117F400JT6 39D127F200GP6 39D105F450EE6 39D117F100FL6 39D108G040GP6 39D127F150GL6 39D718G010JP6 39D527F100JP6 39D218G010FP6 39D187F200JL6 39D177F200HP6 39D377F200JT6 39D137F200HL6 39D257F200JP6 39D306G075EE6 39D756G075EJ6 39D157G075FJ6 39D207G075FL6 39D307G075FP6 39D357G075GL6 39D457G075GP6 39D507G075HL6 39D707G075
Description Aluminum Capacitors 85 °C, Powerlytic? Electrolytics
   Aluminum Capacitors 85 °C, Powerlytic? Electrolytics

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For 56F20 Found Datasheets File :: 3+       Page :: | <1> |   

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