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    IXTA12N65X2 IXTH12N65X2 IXTP12N65X2

IXYS Corporation
Part No. IXTA12N65X2 IXTH12N65X2 IXTP12N65X2
Description Preliminary Technical Information

File Size 205.07K  /  6 Page

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    STF12N65M5 STI12N65M5 STP12N65M5 STU12N65M5 STD12N65M5

Part No. STF12N65M5 STI12N65M5 STP12N65M5 STU12N65M5 STD12N65M5
Description N-channel 650 V, 0.39 Ohm, 8.5 A MDmesh V Power MOSFET DPAK, I2PAK, TO-220FP, TO-220, IPAK

File Size 1,067.80K  /  23 Page

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    MCC[Micro Commercial Components]
Part No. MLV3225N900 MLV1005 MLV1005N030 MLV1005N050 MLV1005N090 MLV1005N110 MLV1005N140 MLV1005N160 MLV1005N180 MLV1005N220 MLV1005N260 MLV1005N300 MLV1005N380 MLV1608N030 MLV1608N050 MLV1608N090 MLV1608N110 MLV1608N140 MLV1608N160 MLV1608N180 MLV1608N220 MLV1608N260 MLV1608N300 MLV1608N380 MLV1608N450 MLV2012N030 MLV2012N050 MLV2012N090 MLV2012N110 MLV2012N140 MLV2012N160 MLV2012N180 MLV2012N220 MLV2012N260 MLV2012N300 MLV2012N380 MLV2012N450 MLV2012N560 MLV2012N650 MLV3216N030 MLV3216N050 MLV3216N090 MLV3216N110 MLV3216N140 MLV3216N160 MLV3216N180 MLV3216N220 MLV3216N260 MLV3216N300 MLV3216N380 MLV3216N450 MLV3216N560 MLV3216N650 MLV3216N850 MLV3216N900 MLV3225N050 MLV3225N090 MLV3225N110 MLV3225N140 MLV3225N160 MLV3225N180 MLV3225N220 MLV3225N260 MLV3225N300 MLV3225N380 MLV3225N450 MLV3225N560 MLV3225N650 MLV3225N850
Description Normal Type Multilayer Varistor

File Size 75.07K  /  5 Page

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For 12N65 Found Datasheets File :: 43+       Page :: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | <5> |   

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