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    SA45A SA40A SA150A SA20A SA30 SA100 SA24 SA48 SA33 SA50 SA60 SA110 SA9.0 SA8.0 SA8.0A SA78 SA75 SA85 SA8.5 SA7.5 SA70 SA

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Part No. SA45A SA40A SA150A SA20A SA30 SA100 SA24 SA48 SA33 SA50 SA60 SA110 SA9.0 SA8.0 SA8.0A SA78 SA75 SA85 SA8.5 SA7.5 SA70 SA7.0A SA6.0A SA5.0A SA51 SA40 SA28 SA90A P6KE10 P6KE100 P6KE10A P6KE11 P6KE110 P6KE110A P6KE11A P6KE12 P6KE120 P6KE120A P6KE12A P6KE13 P6KE130 P6KE130A P6KE13A P6KE15 P6KE150 P6KE150A P6KE15A P6KE16 P6KE160 P6KE160A P6KE16A P6KE170 P6KE170A P6KE180 P6KE180A P6KE18A P6KE200A P6KE20A P6KE22 P6KE220 P6KE220A P6KE22A P6KE24 P6KE24A P6KE250 P6KE250A P6KE27 P6KE27A P6KE30 P6KE300 P6KE300A P6KE30A P6KE350 P6KE350A P6KE36 P6KE36A P6KE39 P6KE39A P6KE400 P6KE400A P6KE43 P6KE43A P6KE440 P6KE47 P6KE47A P6KE51 P6KE51A P6KE56 P6KE56A P6KE6.8 P6KE6.8A P6KE62 P6KE62A P6KE68 P6KE68A P6KE75 P6KE75A P6KE8.2 P6KE8.2A P6KE82A P6KE9.1 P6KE9.1A P6KE91 P6KE91A SA10 SA100A SA10A SA11 SA110A SA11A SA12 SA120 SA120A SA12A SA13 SA130 SA130A SA13A SA14 SA14A SA15 SA150 SA15A SA16 SA160 SA160A SA16A SA17 SA170 SA170A SA17A SA18 SA18A SA20 SA22 SA22A SA24A SA26 SA26A SA28A SA30A SA33A SA36 SA36A SA43 SA43A SA45 SA48A SA5.0 SA51A SA54 SA54A SA58 SA58A SA6.0 SA6.5 SA6.5A SA60A SA64 SA64A SA7.0 SA7.5A SA70A SA75A SA78A SA8.5A SA85A SA9.0A SA90
Description 500 Watt Peak Power MiniMOSORB™ Zener Transient Voltage Suppressors
4AV Series Hall-Effect Vane with 24 AWG irradiated polyethelene 334 mm [13.15 in] lead wires
HS Series Hermetically Sealed Basic Switch, Single Pole Double Throw Circuitry, 0.5 A at 125 Vac, Integral Lever Actuator, Leadwire Termination
510 Series Encoder, Mechanical 4 pulse/rev/channel 2-bit Gray code 瞬态电压抑制器

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For SA54A Found Datasheets File :: 21+       Page :: | 1 | 2 | <3> |   

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Part: SA5419ESA
Maker: PHILIPS(飞利浦)
Pack: SMD
Stock: 332
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    50: $12.78
  100: $12.15
1000: $11.51


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