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    KEC[KEC(Korea Electronics)]
Part No. KPN070G04 KPF010A00 KPF010A01 KPF010A02 KPF010A03 KPF010A04 KPF010D00 KPF010D01 KPF010D02 KPF010D03 KPF010D04 KPF010G00 KPF010G01 KPF010G02 KPF010G03 KPF010G04 KPF020A00 KPF020A01 KPF020A02 KPF020A03 KPF020A04 KPF020D00 KPF020D01 KPF020D02 KPF020D03 KPF020D04 KPF020G00 KPF020G01 KPF020G02 KPF020G03 KPF020G04 KPF070A00 KPF070A01 KPF070A02 KPF070A03 KPF070A04 KPF070D00 KPF070D01 KPF070D02 KPF070D03 KPF070D04 KPF070G00 KPF070G01 KPF070G02 KPF070G03 KPF070G04 KPN010A00 KPN010A01 KPN010A02 KPN010A03 KPN010A04 KPN010D00 KPN010D01 KPN010D02 KPN010D03 KPN010D04 KPN010G00 KPN010G01 KPN010G02 KPN010G03 KPN010G04 KPN020A00 KPN020A01 KPN020A02 KPN020A03 KPN020A04 KPN020D00 KPN020D01 KPN020D02 KPN020D03 KPN020D04 KPN020G00 KPN020G01 KPN020G02 KPN020G03 KPN020G04 KPN070A00 KPN070A01 KPN070A02 KPN070A03 KPN070A04 KPN070D00 KPN070D01 KPN070D02 KPN070D03 KPN070D04 KPN070G00 KPN070G01 KPN070G02 KPN070G03
Description Semiconductor Pressure Sensor

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For PF070D Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: PF0030
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