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    15KPA130CA 15KPA90CA 15KPA 15KPA100A 15KPA100CA 15KPA110A 15KPA110CA 15KPA120A 15KPA120CA 15KPA130A 15KPA150A 15KPA150CA

WEITRON[Weitron Technology]
Part No. 15KPA130CA 15KPA90CA 15KPA 15KPA100A 15KPA100CA 15KPA110A 15KPA110CA 15KPA120A 15KPA120CA 15KPA130A 15KPA150A 15KPA150CA 15KPA160A 15KPA160CA 15KPA170A 15KPA170CA 15KPA17A 15KPA17CA 15KPA180A 15KPA180CA 15KPA18A 15KPA18CA 15KPA200A 15KPA200CA 15KPA20A 15KPA20CA 15KPA220A 15KPA220CA 15KPA22A 15KPA240A 15KPA240CA 15KPA24A 15KPA24CA 15KPA260A 15KPA260CA 15KPA26A 15KPA26CA 15KPA280A 15KPA280CA 15KPA28A 15KPA28CA 15KPA30A 15KPA30CA 15KPA33A 15KPA33CA 15KPA36A 15KPA36CA 15KPA40A 15KPA40CA 15KPA43A 15KPA43CA 15KPA45A 15KPA45CA 15KPA48A 15KPA48CA 15KPA51A 15KPA51CA 15KPA54A 15KPA54CA 15KPA58A 15KPA58CA 15KPA60A 15KPA60CA 15KPA64A 15KPA64CA 15KPA70A 15KPA70CA 15KPA75A 15KPA75CA 15KPA78A 15KPA78CA 15KPA85A 15KPA85CA 15KPA90A 15KPA22CA

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Part No. 15KPA18E3/TR13 15KPA200CE3/TR13 15KPA200CAE3/TR13 15KPA20AE3/TR13 15KPA20E3/TR13 15KPA20CAE3/TR13 15KPA220CAE3/TR13 15KPA220E3/TR13 15KPA22CE3/TR13 15KPA22AE3/TR13 15KPA22E3/TR13 15KPA220CE3/TR13 15KPA220AE3/TR13 15KPA200E3/TR13 15KPA200AE3/TR13 15KPA90E3/TR13 15KPA40AE3/TR13 15KPA40CAE3/TR13 15KPA40CE3/TR13 15KPA40E3/TR13 15KPA43AE3/TR13 15KPA43CAE3/TR13 15KPA43CE3/TR13 15KPA43E3/TR13 15KPA45AE3/TR13 15KPA45CAE3/TR13 15KPA45CE3/TR13 15KPA45E3/TR13 15KPA48AE3/TR13 15KPA48CAE3/TR13 15KPA30AE3/TR13 15KPA30CAE3/TR13 15KPA30CE3/TR13 15KPA33AE3/TR13 15KPA33CAE3/TR13 15KPA30E3/TR13 15KPA33CE3/TR13 15KPA33E3/TR13 15KPA36AE3/TR13 15KPA36CAE3/TR13 15KPA36E3/TR13 15KPA26AE3/TR13 15KPA26E3/TR13 15KPA130E3/TR13 15KPA28AE3/TR13 15KPA100AE3/TR13 15KPA100CAE3/TR13 15KPA100CE3/TR13 15KPA100E3/TR13 15KPA110AE3/TR13 15KPA110CAE3/TR13 15KPA110CE3/TR13 15KPA110E3/TR13 15KPA120AE3/TR13 15KPA120CAE3/TR13 15KPA120E3/TR13 15KPA26CE3/TR13 15KPA26CAE3/TR13 15KPA51AE3/TR13 15KPA51CAE3/TR13 15KPA51CE3/TR13 15KPA54AE3/TR13 15KPA54CAE3/TR13 15KPA54CE3/TR13 15KPA54E3/TR13 15KPA58AE3/TR13 15KPA58CAE3/TR13 15KPA58CE3/TR13 15KPA58E3/TR13 15KPA240E3/TR13 15KPA130CE3/TR13 15KPA150CE3/TR13 15KPA170CE3/TR13 15KPA17CE3/
Description Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVS

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For PA85A Found Datasheets File :: 12+       Page :: | 1 | <2> |   

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Part: PA85A
Maker: APEX
Pack: DIP
Stock: 274
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    50: $54.66
  100: $51.93
1000: $49.20


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