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AVX, Corp.
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.
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Part No. 1N658A 1N302 1N214 1N207 1N300 1N485 1N485A 1N485C 1N3606 1N3065 1N204 1N217 1N301 1N331 1N301A 1N3668 1N488 1N488A 1N488B 1N487B 1N391 1N4391 1N212 1N659 1N659A 1N3605 1N4390 1N3960 1N3961 1N3962 1N3963 1N3603 1N434A 1N205 1N394 1N387 1N3872 1N4306 1N3599 1N211 1N388 1N4450 1N3123 1N3124 1N222 1N433 1N330 1N389 1N4389 1N385 1N390 1N202 1N386 1N196 1N3602 1N456A 1N483BM 1N252A 1N3731 1N210 1N208 1N484C 1N4092 1N3598 1N209 1N219 1N461A 1N461AM 1N916B 1N932 1N4087 1N462AM 1N303A 1N3068 1N380 1N381 1N382 1N464 1N4148 1N218 1N3604 1N213 1N627 1N201 1N203 1N251 1N462 1N215 1N3601 1N303B 1N461 1N4392 1N460A 1N200 1N906A 1N930 1N486 1N393 1N392 1N948 1N487 1N487A 1N486A 1N216 1N384 1N463A 1N921 1N626 1N3066 1N483A 1N483AM 1N483C 1N483M 1N3958 1N4308 1N629 1N934 1N3069 1N220 1N221 1N920 1N3959 1N914 1N463 1N4630 1N431 1N353 1N354 1N379 1N3600 1N625 1N3070 1N3071 1N434 1N350 SYB569 1N194 1N195 1N206 1N252 1N298 1N302A 1N303 1N3062 1N3063 1N3064 1N3067 1N3257 1N3258 1N351 1N352 1N3550 1N3596 1N3597 1N3643 1N3644 1N3645 1N3646 1N3647 1N383 1N3992 1N4009 1N4147 1N4149 1N4150 1N4151 1N4152 1N4153 1N4154 1N4156 1N4157 1N4242 1N4243 1N4305 1N4307 1N432 1N432A 1N433A 1N433B 1N4376 1N4446 1N4447 1N
Description VC-MP-A2
MKDS 1/12-3,81 硅二极管
silicon diode 硅二极管
Enclosure Protective Boot; For Use With:40-32 Deep Series; Enclosure Color:Black; Enclosure Material:Rubber RoHS Compliant: Yes
   silicon diode

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For N904A Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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