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2SD592A IN08080 VTF286BX MAZ5082 SRAF5150 34PL100 VTF286BX R6030422
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    CTMCC0201BTN100150 CTMCC0402BTN100150 CTMCC0603BTN100150 CTMCC0805BTN100150 CTMCC0201BTN1003R9 CTMCC0402BTN1003R9 CTMCC0

Central Technologies
Part No. CTMCC0201BTN100150 CTMCC0402BTN100150 CTMCC0603BTN100150 CTMCC0805BTN100150 CTMCC0201BTN1003R9 CTMCC0402BTN1003R9 CTMCC0603BTN1003R9 CTMCC0805BTN1003R9 CTMCC0201BTN160150 CTMCC0402BTN160150 CTMCC0603BTN160150 CTMCC0805BTN160150 CTMCC0201BTN1603R9 CTMCC0402BTN1603R9 CTMCC0603BTN1603R9 CTMCC0805BTN1603R9 CTMCC0201BTN6V3150 CTMCC0402BTN6V3150 CTMCC0603BTN6V3150 CTMCC0805BTN6V3150 CTMCC0201BTN6V33R9 CTMCC0402BTN6V33R9 CTMCC0603BTN6V33R9 CTMCC0805BTN6V33R9 CTMCC0201CTB100150 CTMCC0402CTB100150 CTMCC0603CTB100150 CTMCC0201CTN100150 CTMCC0201DTN100150 CTMCC0201FTN100150 CTMCC0402CTN100150 CTMCC0402DTN100150 CTMCC0402FTN100150 CTMCC0402GTN100150 CTMCC0603CTN100150 CTMCC0603DTN100150 CTMCC0603FTN100150 CTMCC0603GTN100150 CTMCC0805CTN100150 CTMCC0805DTN100150 CTMCC0805FTN100150 CTMCC0805GTN100150 CTMCC0201CTN1003R9 CTMCC0201DTN1003R9 CTMCC0201FTN1003R9 CTMCC0201GTN1003R9 CTMCC0805CTB100150 CTMCC0805CTB160150 CTMCC0805CTB1603R9 CTMCC0805CTB6V3150 CTMCC0805CTB6V33R9 CTMCC0805CTF100150 CTMCC0805CTF1003R9 CTMCC0805CTF160150 CTMCC0805CTF1603R9 CTMCC0805CTF6V3150 CTMCC0805CTF6V33R9 CTMCC0805CTN1003R9 CTMCC0805CTN160150 CTMCC0805CTN1603R9 CTMCC0805CTN6V3150 CTMCC0805CTN6V33R9 CTMCC0805GTF1603R9 CTM
Description    Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

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Analog Devices

Part No. HMC-C088
Description SDLVA 1-20 GHz
Tech specs    

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For MCC08 Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: MCC132-12IO1
Maker: IXYS
Pack: 模块
Stock: Reserved
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    50: $36.92
  100: $35.08
1000: $33.23


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