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    MOTOROLA[Motorola, Inc]
Part No. MC35071U MC35072 MC33071AD MC33071AP MC33074D MC35074 MC34074AD MC33074AD MC33071AU MC33071D MC33071P MC33071U MC33072AD MC35074AU MC33074AP MC34072P MC35074U MC33071 MC33072 MC33072AP MC33072AU MC33072D MC33072P MC33072U MC33074 MC33074AU MC33074P MC33074U MC34071 MC34071AD MC34071AP MC34071AU MC34071D MC34071P MC34071U MC34072 MC34072AD MC34072AP MC34072AU MC34072D MC34072U MC34074 MC34074AP MC34074AU MC34074D MC34074P MC34074U MC35071 MC35071AU MC35072AU MC35072U MC35074AL MC35074L MC34074AL MC34074L
Description High Slew Rate, Wide Bandwidth, Single Supply Operational Amplifiers
(MC35071 / MC35072 / MC35074) High Slew Rate / Single Supply Operational Amplifiers
V(cc): 44V; high slew rate, wide bandwidth, single supply operational amplifier

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For MC35072 Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: MC35072U
Maker: MOT
Pack: DIP
Stock: Reserved
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    50: $10.15
  100: $9.65
1000: $9.14


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