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    NIC Components Corp.
NIC Components, Corp.
Part No. NRLF NRLF391M400V30X20F NRLF391M400V25X20F NRLF391M400V22X20F NRLF391M400V35X20F NRLF153M250V22X20F NRLF102M16V25X20F NRLF153M16V22X20F NRLF332M16V25X20F NRLF222M16V22X20F NRLF330M16V25X20F NRLF152M450V35X20F NRLF152M450V30X20F NRLF152M400V35X20F NRLF103M100V35X20F NRLF103M450V35X20F NRLF103M160V35X20F NRLF103M200V35X20F NRLF153M450V35X20F NRLF222M450V35X20F NRLF271M450V35X20F NRLF103M63V35X20F NRLF102M25V25X20F NRLF102M160V25X20F NRLF101M250V25X20F NRLF103M63V25X20F NRLF332M50V25X20F NRLF152M35V30X20F NRLF153M25V30X20F NRLF103M35V30X20F NRLF271M35V30X20F NRLF152M25V30X20F NRLF221M35V30X20F NRLF101M35V30X20F NRLF102M63V35X20F NRLF103M160V25X20F NRLF103M100V22X20F NRLF103M100V30X20F NRLF222M63V25X20F NRLF153M16V25X20F NICCOMPONENTSCORP.-NRLF153M100V30X20F
Description Large Can Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 大型铝电解电容器

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    NRLF682M80V35X20F NRLF NRLF101M100V22X20F NRLF101M100V25X20F NRLF101M100V30X20F NRLF101M100V35X20F NRLF101M160V22X20F NR

NIC[NIC-Components Corp.]
Part No. NRLF682M80V35X20F NRLF NRLF101M100V22X20F NRLF101M100V25X20F NRLF101M100V30X20F NRLF101M100V35X20F NRLF101M160V22X20F NRLF101M160V25X20F NRLF101M160V30X20F NRLF101M160V35X20F NRLF101M16V22X20F NRLF101M16V25X20F NRLF101M16V30X20F NRLF101M16V35X20F NRLF101M200V22X20F NRLF101M200V25X20F NRLF101M200V30X20F NRLF101M200V35X20F NRLF101M250V22X20F NRLF101M250V25X20F NRLF101M250V30X20F NRLF101M250V35X20F NRLF101M25V22X20F NRLF101M25V25X20F NRLF101M25V30X20F NRLF101M35V22X20F NRLF101M35V25X20F NRLF101M35V30X20F NRLF101M35V35X20F NRLF101M400V22X20F NRLF101M400V25X20F NRLF101M400V30X20F NRLF101M400V35X20F NRLF101M450V22X20F NRLF101M450V25X20F NRLF101M450V30X20F NRLF101M450V35X20F NRLF101M50V22X20F NRLF101M50V25X20F NRLF101M50V30X20F NRLF101M50V35X20F NRLF101M63V22X20F NRLF101M63V25X20F NRLF101M63V30X20F NRLF101M63V35X20F NRLF101M80V22X20F NRLF101M80V25X20F NRLF101M80V30X20F NRLF101M80V35X20F NRLF102M100V22X20F NRLF102M100V25X20F NRLF102M100V30X20F NRLF102M100V35X20F NRLF102M160V22X20F NRLF102M160V25X20F NRLF102M160V30X20F NRLF102M160V35X20F NRLF102M16V22X20F NRLF102M16V25X20F NRLF102M16V30X20F NRLF102M16V35X20F NRLF102M200V22X20F NRLF102M200V25X20F NRLF102M200V30X20F NRLF102M200V35X20F NRLF102
Description    Large Can Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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For LF152M35 Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: LF155AH
Maker: NS
Pack: CAN8
Stock: 2091
Unit price for :
    50: $6.46
  100: $6.14
1000: $5.82


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