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DS330 AP131 SPLSI MK1422 F2002 12100 07092 SPF5004
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    American Accurate Compo...
Part No. CT201003APM CT101003AXO CT101003BXO CT101003AQO CT101003ALM CT101003BLO CT101003AZO CT101003ALO CT101003AYM CT101003AYO CT101003BNO CT101003AMM CT101003ANO CT101003APM CT101003AQM CT101003AXM CT101003AZM CT101003BMM CT101003BPO CT101003BQM CT101003BQO CT101003BXM CT101003ANM CT101003BLM CT101003AMO CT101003APO CT101003BMO CT101003BNM CT101003BPM CT141003AMM CT141003ANM CT141003APM CT141003APO CT141003AQO CT141003AXO CT141003AZM CT141003AZO CT141003BLM CT141003BMM CT141003BMO CT141003BPM CT141003BQM CT141003BQO CT141003BYM CT141003BXM CT141003BPO CT141003ALO CT141003AMO CT141003ANO CT141003AQM CT141003AXM CT141003AYM CT141003AYO CT141003BLO CT141003BNM CT141003BNO CT161003ALM CT161003ALO CT161003APM CT161003AXM CT161003AXO CT161003AZM CT161003BLM CT161003BLO CT161003BMM CT161003BNO CT161003BNM CT161003BPO CT161003BPM CT161003BQM CT161003BXO CT161003BQO CT161003BYM CT161003AMM CT161003AMO CT161003ANM CT161003ANO CT161003APO CT161003AQM CT161003AQO CT161003AYM CT161003AZO CT161003AYO CT161003BMO CT161003BXM CT161003BYO CT10-1003BXM CT131003ALM CT131003AMM CT131003AMO CT131003ANO CT131003APO CT131003AQM CT131003AXO CT131003AYM CT131003BLO
Description    Thin Film Precision Chip Resistors

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For CT1010 Found Datasheets File :: 11+       Page :: | 1 | <2> |   

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Part: CT1252
Maker: N/A
Pack: DIP
Stock: 332
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