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    Elektron Components Ltd.
Elektron Components Ltd...
Part No. BZV01 BZV02/A0620/01 BZV02/A0620/02 BZV02/A0620/03 BZV02/A0620/08 BZV02/A0620/46 BZV02/A0620/69 BZV02/A0620/71 BZV02/A0620/74 BZV02/A0620/98 BZV16/A0620/71 BZV15/A0620/71 BZV16/A0620/03 BZV16/A0620/46 BZV15/A0620/02 BZV15/A0620/08 BZV15/A0620/98 BZV16/A0620/02 BZV15/A0620/03 BZV15/A0620/69 BZV15/A0620/74 BZV16/A0620/01 BZV16/A0620/08 BZV15/A0620/01 BZV15/A0620/46 BZV16/A0620/69 BZVP01/A0620/01 BZVP01/A0620/02 BZVP01/A0620/03 BZVP01/A0620/08 BZVP01/A0620/46 BZVP01/A0620/69 BZVP01/A0620/71 BZVP01/A0620/74 BZVP01/A0620/98 BZVA/A0620/01 BZVA/A0620/02 BZVA/A0620/03 BZVA/A0620/08 BZVA/A0620/46 BZVA/A0620/69 BZV16/A0620/74 BZV16/A0620/98 BZVA/A0620/71 BZVA/A0620/98 BZVA/A0620/74
Description C14 IEC Fused Inlet - Vertical

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For BZV01 Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: BZV49-C10
Pack: SOT89
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