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    PanJit International Inc.
PanJit International, Inc.
Part No. BZQ5227B BZQ5248B BZQ5235B BZQ5231B BZQ5233B BZQ5223B BZQ5232B BZQ5230B BZQ5229B BZQ5237B
Description Low Current Operation at 250??A???Low Reverse Leakage,Low Noise Zener Diode(250??A?・¥?????μ?μ?????°????????????μ?μ?????????a?£°???é???o3?o???????) 50μA低电流操作,低反向漏,低噪声稳压二极管(250μA工作电流,小反向漏电流,低噪声,齐纳二极管)
Low Current Operation at 250?录A茂录?Low Reverse Leakage,Low Noise Zener Diode(250?录A氓路楼盲陆?莽?碌忙碌?茫??氓掳?氓??氓??忙录?莽?碌忙碌?茫??盲陆?氓?陋氓拢掳茫??茅陆?莽潞鲁盲潞?忙??莽庐隆)

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For BZQ5248B Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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