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    170122630BB 170222630BB 170822630CB 170474160HC 170155250TF 170224160EB 170822J630CBJ 170822K630CB 170822M630CB 17082316

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Cornell Dubilier Electronics
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Part No. 170122630BB 170222630BB 170822630CB 170474160HC 170155250TF 170224160EB 170822J630CBJ 170822K630CB 170822M630CB 170823160BB 170823250FB 170823400GC 170823630IE 170823J160BBJ 170823J250FBJ 170823J400GCJ 170823J630IEJ 170823K160BB 170823K250FB 170823K400GC 170823K630IE 170823M160BB 170823M250FB 170823M400GC 170823M630IE 170105J400VFJ 170332630BB 170332J630BBJ 170332K630BB 170332M630BB 170333160AA 170333160BB 170333250BB 170333400DB 170333630FC 170334250GE 170223400CB 170223630FB 170475160XF 170103630CB 170154630ME 170104630IE 170124630ME 170224630NF 170274630TF 170474630XF 170272J630BBJ 170272K630BB 170272M630BB 170273160AA 170273160BB 170273250BB 170273400DB 170273J160AAJ 170273J160BBJ 170273J250BBJ 170273J400DBJ 170273J630FCJ 170273K160AA 170273K160BB 170273K250BB 170273K400DB 170273K630FC 170154160DB 170394160HC 170394250JE 170394400NE 170394630XF 170394J160HCJ 170824400VF 170224400IE 170123J250AAJ 170123J250BBJ 170223J250BBJ 170102630BB 170273630FC 170564250ME 170223J400CBJ 170392630BB 170392J630BBJ 170392K630BB 170392M630BB 170224250HC 170393160AA 170393160BB 170393250CB 170393400EB 170393630HC 170393J160BBJ 170223160AA 170223160BB 170824160JE 170824250NF 170123J630EBJ 170223J63
Description Type 170 Axial Leaded Metallized Polypropylene
   High Current / Low ESR, Wrap and Fill Axial Leaded Capacitors

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For 23K250AA Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: 23K256-E/P
Maker: Microchip Technology
Pack: ETC
Stock: Reserved
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