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    GC343DD72E334KX01L GC343DD72W154KX01L GC343DD72J683KX01L GC355XD72J224KX05L GC332DD72E154KX01L GC332DD72J473KX01L GC332D

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Murata Manufacturing Co., L...
Murata Manufacturing Co...
Part No. GC343DD72E334KX01L GC343DD72W154KX01L GC343DD72J683KX01L GC355XD72J224KX05L GC332DD72E154KX01L GC332DD72J473KX01L GC332DD72J333KX01L GC332DD72W104KX01L GC332DD72W683KX01L KCM55LR7YA106KH01K KCM55QR7YA176KH01K KCM55TR7YA226MH01K GCM31MR71H105KA55L KC355LD72E474KH01K KC355LD72J154KH01K KC355LD72W224KH01K KC355LD72W474KH01K GCM21B5C1H223JA16D GCM3195C1H223JA16D GCM1885C1H101JA16D GCM1885C1H100JA16D GCM1885C1H102JA16D GCM1885C1H120JA16D GCM1885C1H121JA16D GCM1885C1H122JA16D GCM1885C1H150JA16D GCM1885C1H151JA16D GCM1885C1H152JA16D GCM1885C1H180JA16D GCM1885C1H181JA16D GCM1885C1H1R0CA16D GCM1885C1H220JA16D GCM1885C1H221JA16D GCM1885C1H222JA16D GCM1885C1H270JA16D GCM1885C1H271JA16D GCM1885C1H2R0CA16D GCM1885C1H272JA16D GCM1885C1H330JA16D GCM1885C1H331JA16D GCM1885C1H332JA16D GCM1885C1H392JA16D GCM1885C1H391JA16D GCM1885C1H3R0CA16D GCM1885C1H470JA16D KC355TD72W105MH01K KC355WD72J474MH01K KC355WD72J564MH01K KC355WD72W125MH01K KC355WD72E225MH01K KCM55TR72A106MH01K KCM55TR71E336MH01K KCM55WR72A156MH01K KCM55WR71J226MH01K KCM55WR71H226MH01K KCM55WR7YA336MH01K GCM21BR72A683KA37 KCM55QR72A685KH01K GC332QD72E104KX01L KC355QD72E105KH01K GC343QD72E224KX01L GC332QD72J223KX01L KC355QD72J224KH01K KC35
Description Explanation of Symbols in This Catalog AEC-Q200 compliant product
chip monolithic ceramic capacitors for automotive
   Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive
   Explanation of Symbols in This Catalog

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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Part No. GC321BD7LP223KX19K
Description High Effective Capacitance & High Ripple Current Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive
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For 223KX Found Datasheets File :: 11+       Page :: | 1 | <2> |   

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Part: 2201A
Maker: N/A
Pack: TO-99
Stock: 1176
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    50: $3.84
  100: $3.65
1000: $3.46


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