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FSP2151 LBN10006 LT1425 080CT 245GX C4241 200V1 D4154FV
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Part No. HM51 HM51-8R2MLF HM51-100JLF HM51-100KLF HM51-100MLF HM51-101JLF HM51-101KLF HM51-101MLF HM51-102JLF HM51-102KLF HM51-102MLF HM51-103JLF HM51-103KLF HM51-103MLF HM51-120JLF HM51-120KLF HM51-120MLF HM51-121JLF HM51-121KLF HM51-121MLF HM51-122JLF HM51-122KLF HM51-122MLF HM51-150JLF HM51-150KLF HM51-150MLF HM51-151JLF HM51-151KLF HM51-151MLF HM51-152JLF HM51-152KLF HM51-152MLF HM51-180JLF HM51-180KLF HM51-180MLF HM51-181JLF HM51-181KLF HM51-181MLF HM51-182JLF HM51-182KLF HM51-182MLF HM51-220JLF HM51-220KLF HM51-220MLF HM51-221JLF HM51-221KLF HM51-221MLF HM51-222JLF HM51-222KLF HM51-222MLF HM51-270JLF HM51-270KLF HM51-270MLF HM51-271JLF HM51-271KLF HM51-271MLF HM51-272JLF HM51-272KLF HM51-272MLF HM51-330JLF HM51-330KLF HM51-330MLF HM51-331JLF HM51-331KLF HM51-331MLF HM51-332JLF HM51-332KLF HM51-332MLF HM51-390JLF HM51-390KLF HM51-390MLF HM51-391JLF HM51-391KLF HM51-391MLF HM51-392JLF HM51-392KLF HM51-392MLF HM51-3R9JLF HM51-3R9KLF HM51-3R9MLF HM51-470JLF HM51-470KLF HM51-470MLF HM51-471JLF HM51-471KLF HM51-471MLF HM51-472JLF HM51-472KLF HM51-472MLF HM51-4R7JLF HM51-4R7KLF HM51-4R7MLF HM51-560JLF HM51-560KLF HM51-560MLF HM51-561JLF HM51-561KLF HM51-561MLF HM51-562JLF HM51-562KLF HM51-56
Description    Axially Leaded Miniature Power Inductors

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Part No. HM50 HM50-8R2MLF HM50-100JLF HM50-100KLF HM50-100MLF HM50-101JLF HM50-101KLF HM50-101MLF HM50-102JLF HM50-102KLF HM50-102MLF HM50-103JLF HM50-103KLF HM50-103MLF HM50-120JLF HM50-120KLF HM50-120MLF HM50-121JLF HM50-121KLF HM50-121MLF HM50-122JLF HM50-122KLF HM50-122MLF HM50-123JLF HM50-123KLF HM50-123MLF HM50-150JLF HM50-150KLF HM50-150MLF HM50-151JLF HM50-151KLF HM50-151MLF HM50-152JLF HM50-152KLF HM50-152MLF HM50-153JLF HM50-153KLF HM50-153MLF HM50-180JLF HM50-180KLF HM50-180MLF HM50-181JLF HM50-181KLF HM50-181MLF HM50-182JLF HM50-182KLF HM50-182MLF HM50-183JLF HM50-183KLF HM50-183MLF HM50-220JLF HM50-220KLF HM50-220MLF HM50-221JLF HM50-221KLF HM50-221MLF HM50-222JLF HM50-222KLF HM50-222MLF HM50-270JLF HM50-270KLF HM50-270MLF HM50-271JLF HM50-271KLF HM50-271MLF HM50-272JLF HM50-272KLF HM50-272MLF HM50-330JLF HM50-330KLF HM50-330MLF HM50-331JLF HM50-331KLF HM50-331MLF HM50-332JLF HM50-332KLF HM50-332MLF HM50-390JLF HM50-390KLF HM50-390MLF HM50-391JLF HM50-391KLF HM50-391MLF HM50-392JLF HM50-392KLF HM50-392MLF HM50-3R9JLF HM50-3R9KLF HM50-3R9MLF HM50-470JLF HM50-470KLF HM50-470MLF HM50-471JLF HM50-471KLF HM50-471MLF HM50-472JLF HM50-472KLF HM50-472MLF HM50-4R7JLF HM50-4R7KLF HM50-4R
Description    Axially Leaded Miniature Power Inductors

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For 152JLF Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: 15218
Maker: MOTOROLA(摩托罗拉)
Pack: SOP-8
Stock: 2049
Unit price for :
    50: $0.33
  100: $0.32
1000: $0.30


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