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    HONGFA[Hongfa Technology]
Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd.
Part No. HF94F-13D6XXX HF94F HF94F-10A1201XXX HF94F-10A1202XXX HF94F-10A120XXX HF94F-10A241XXX HF94F-10A242XXX HF94F-10A24XXX HF94F-10A2771XXX HF94F-10A2772XXX HF94F-10A277XXX HF94F-10A61XXX HF94F-10A62XXX HF94F-10A6XXX HF94F-10D1201XXX HF94F-10D1202XXX HF94F-10D120XXX HF94F-10D241XXX HF94F-10D242XXX HF94F-10D24XXX HF94F-10D2771XXX HF94F-10D2772XXX HF94F-10D277XXX HF94F-10D61XXX HF94F-10D62XXX HF94F-10D6XXX HF94F-11A1201XXX HF94F-11A1202XXX HF94F-11A120XXX HF94F-11A242XXX HF94F-11A24XXX HF94F-11A2771XXX HF94F-11A2772XXX HF94F-11A277XXX HF94F-11A61XXX HF94F-11A62XXX HF94F-11A6XXX HF94F-11D1201XXX HF94F-11D1202XXX HF94F-11D120XXX HF94F-11D241XXX HF94F-11D242XXX HF94F-11D24XXX HF94F-11D2771XXX HF94F-11D2772XXX HF94F-11D277XXX HF94F-11D61XXX HF94F-11D62XXX HF94F-11D6XXX HF94F-12A1201XXX HF94F-12A1202XXX HF94F-12A120XXX HF94F-12A241XXX HF94F-12A242XXX HF94F-12A24XXX HF94F-12A2771XXX HF94F-12A2772XXX HF94F-12A277XXX HF94F-12A61XXX HF94F-12A62XXX HF94F-12A6XXX HF94F-12D1201XXX HF94F-12D1202XXX HF94F-12D120XXX HF94F-12D241XXX HF94F-12D242XXX HF94F-12D24XXX HF94F-12D2771XXX HF94F-12D2772XXX HF94F-12D277XXX HF94F-12D61XXX HF94F-12D62XXX HF94F-12D6XXX HF94F-13A1201XXX HF94F-13A1202XXX HF94F-13A120XXX
Description HIGH POWER RELAY 大功率继电器

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For 13D6X Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: 13.000M
Maker: KSS
Pack: DIP8P
Stock: 48
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