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100BGX ISL8601 3EVKIT MBRF1050 FDI038AN 3EVKI ISL85001 3E50A
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    B82422A3150K100 B82422A3100K100 B82422A3120K100 B82422A1472K100 B82422A1332K100 B82422A1103K100 B82422A1333K100 B82422A3

Part No. B82422A3150K100 B82422A3100K100 B82422A3120K100 B82422A1472K100 B82422A1332K100 B82422A1103K100 B82422A1333K100 B82422A3121K100 B82422A1273K100 B82422A1102K100 B82422A1104K100 B82422A1122K100 B82422A1123K100 B82422A1152K100 B82422A1153K100 B82422A1182K100 B82422A1183K100 B82422A1222K100 B82422A1223K100 B82422A1272K100 B82422A1392K100 B82422A1393K100 B82422A1473K100 B82422A1562K100 B82422A1563K100 B82422A1682K100 B82422A1683K100 B82422A1822K100 B82422A1823K100 B82422A3270K100 B82422A3271K100 B82422A3220K100 B82422A3221K100 B82422A3829K100 B82422A3470K100 B82422A3471K100 B82422A3821K100 B82422A3101K100 B82422A3181K100 B82422A3151K100 B82422A3330K100 B82422A3681K100 B82422A3820K100 B82422A3560K100 B82422A3561K100
Description SMT inductors

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NTE[NTE Electronics]
Part No. MLR332K50 MLR274K100 MLR103K50 MLR102K50 MLR824K400 MLR102K100 MLR102K400 MLR102K630 MLR103K100 MLR103K250 MLR103K400 MLR103K630 MLR104K100 MLR104K250 MLR104K400 MLR104K50 MLR104K630 MLR105K100 MLR105K250 MLR105K400 MLR105K50 MLR105K630 MLR122K100 MLR122K400 MLR122K630 MLR123K100 MLR123K400 MLR123K50 MLR123K630 MLR124K100 MLR124K250 MLR124K400 MLR124K630 MLR125K100 MLR125K250 MLR152K100 MLR152K400 MLR152K630 MLR153K100 MLR153K250 MLR153K400 MLR153K630 MLR154K100 MLR154K250 MLR154K400 MLR154K50 MLR154K630 MLR155K100 MLR155K250 MLR155K400 MLR155K630 MLR182K100 MLR182K400 MLR182K630 MLR183K100 MLR183K400 MLR183K50 MLR183K630 MLR184K100 MLR184K250 MLR184K400 MLR184K630 MLR185K100 MLR185K250 MLR185K400 MLR185K630 MLR202K100 MLR205K400 MLR205K630 MLR222K100 MLR222K400 MLR222K630 MLR223K100 MLR223K250 MLR223K400 MLR223K630 MLR224K100 MLR224K250 MLR224K400 MLR224K630 MLR225K100 MLR225K250 MLR252K400 MLR252K630 MLR254K400 MLR254K630 MLR272K100 MLR272K400 MLR272K630 MLR273K100 MLR273K250 MLR273K400 MLR273K50 MLR273K630 MLR274K250 MLR274K400 MLR274K50 MLR274K630 MLR302K400 MLR302K630 MLR305K400 MLR305K630 MLR332K100 MLR332K400 MLR332K630 MLR333K100 MLR333K250 MLR333K400 MLR333K50 MLR333K630 M

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For 122K100 Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: 12289
Maker: Intersil(英特矽尔)
Pack: DIP14
Stock: 30
Unit price for :
    50: $1.85
  100: $1.75
1000: $1.66


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